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HIV Prevention Project

FREE Confidential HIV Testing

We provide Free Confidential Testing with results as quickly as 20 minutes.

Preventing HIV Infection

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is a way to prevent people who do not have HIV from getting HIV by taking one pill every day as prescribed. To learn more about PrEP and if PrEP medication is right for you, talk with a healthcare professional at (888) 216-7HIV. 

I have been diagnosed HIV-Positive. What now?

There are resources to help you understand the diagnosis, treatment, and life of an HIV-Positive person. Contact the HIV-Prevention Project for a list of services: (888) 216-7HIV. Click here for more information. 

Start Talking. Stop HIV

Get facts on how to start a conversation with a potential partner. The best way to prevent HIV is to understand and practice safety measures. You can visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for more information. 


La profilaxis preexposición (PrEP) es una manera de prevenir que las personas que no tienen el VIH contraigan el virus, tomando una pastilla al día según indicado.

Para obtener más información sobre la medicina y enterarse si este medicamento es adecuado para usted, consulte a un proveedor medico: (888) 216-7448.