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Whole Person Health Care

What is Whole Person Health Care?

Accordia Health takes care of your physical and mental health needs. Whole person health is also known as “integrated health care” and refers to a collaboration between health professionals to provide complete treatment to patients and improve their overall well-being (psychological and physical). It’s a coordination of primary care (Accordia Health) and mental health services (AltaPointe Health).

Who Benefits?

Benefits extend to patients, caregivers, providers, and even the larger health care system. Mental health specialty and general medical care providers work together to address both the physical and mental health needs of their patients. Integration works when primary health care (also known as family medical care) is introduced into specialty mental health care settings, such as AltaPointe Health and Accordia Health. By linking both family medical care and mental health providers it offers complete, coordinated, and convenient care for all:

♦  reduces depressive symptoms
♦  enhances access to services
♦  improves the quality of care
♦  lowers overall health care costs

Whole Person Health Care is offered at all Accordia Health locations. To schedule, an appointment at one of our outpatient clinics you can call them directly. Visit the locations page for contact information. 

Accordia Health is a primary care division of AltaPointe Health.


AltaPointe Health is a comprehensive healthcare system that promotes the wellness of people living with mental illness, intellectual disabilities, or substance use disorders. In 2017, AltaPointe launched Accordia Health, behaviorally led primary care integration, and Federally Qualified Health Centers.