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Medical care clinc in bayou la batre alabama

I am preparing for my first visit to Accordia Health. I want to make the most of my visit. Are there questions I should ask?

Studies show that having a good patient-doctor relationship can promote better health and less overall spending on healthcare.  Asking questions and providing information to your doctor, CRNP, medical assistant, or nurse,  can improve your care. Talking and sharing information with your provider builds trust and leads to better results and satisfaction. Quality health care is a team effort and you play a vital role.

Being inquisitive during your office visit is healthy and encouraged. Wondering what you should ask? Here are a few suggestions:  

  • Which preventive care services are right for me?
  • How does my family medical history affect my risk for certain conditions?
  • Why are you prescribing this medication?
  • How could high blood pressure affect my health down the road?
  • How does sleep impact my health?
  • Does my child need an antibiotic for this?
  • My real fear is X – how concerned should I be?
  • When should I come to see you again?